1965 Special Bitter Ale 440ml - Westerham Brewery - n07

1965 Special Bitter Ale 440ml - Westerham Brewery

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A premium ale to commemorate the year 1965 when the Black Eagle Brewery closed, Winston Churchill passed away and Robert Wicks was born. Brewed to a similar recipe that Bill Wickett used for his last brew at the old brewery on 3rd March 1965.

Kent Northdown hops give a clean, refreshing full bodied flavour for which English ales are famous. Finished with Finchcocks’ Kent Goldings for flavour and aroma.

STYLE Amber Premium Ale
ABV 4.8%
IBU 38
AROMA Fruity, Malty, Apricot
TASTE Warming, Full, Dry Finish
MALT Pale Ale, Crystal 150
HOPS Kent Grown: Northdown & Goldings
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