Local kent marden Anno Cranberry Gin 70cl

Anno Cranberry Gin 70cl

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Anno Cranberry Gin .Bring the sights, scents and celebrations of the festive Christmas season indoors with this limited edition Spiced Cranberry Gin. Seasonally spiced with sweet orange, cassia and cloves - it truly is Christmas in a bottle. Make a festive fizz with your favourite prosecco or try one of our Christmas Cocktails.
Vegan and Vegetarian friendly.


Silky smooth with an invitingly Moorish crimson aesthetic


Light, sweet hints of orange with occasional flurries of cinnamon and cloves


An immediately gratifying burst of fruitiness is pushed aside by zesty orange, before making way for the spiciness from the cloves


The ultimate Christmas in a bottle experience! Fresh fruit flavour delightfully lingers on the palate while the cinnamon and cloves twinkle across your taste buds 




Marden, Kent