Copper Rivet Dockyard Strawberry Gin 50cl

Copper Rivet Dockyard Strawberry Gin 50cl

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Nothing evokes the summer like strawberries and cream. After distilling off the alcohol wheat, barley and rye, especially grown in local farms, it is obtained a rich creamy base and smooth before gently distilling the gin carefully balanced. Simply let local Kentish strawberries of the Garden of England do their work to infuse flavour and colour. Rich in antioxidants. No artificial colouring. No artificial flavourings. Without added sugar. Only 100% natural.


  • Colour: has a bright pale pink with lots of sparkles.
  • Aroma: aromas are intense and very marked by ripe fruit such as strawberries. Feelings of herbs that give freshness.
  • Taste: it is balanced and structured. Final persistent and fruity.

PRODUCER: Copper Rivet Distillery.

COUNTRY: United Kingdom.