Greensand Ridge London Dry Gin

Greensand Ridge London Dry Gin

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 A London Dry Gin from the Greensand Ridge Distillery just outside Shipborne (only a short jaunt north from MoM Towers!), made using a selection of eight botanicals that grow within a mile of the distillery alongside seven classic gin botanicals. The eight locally selected botanicals include cobnuts, hawthorn berries, honey, gorse flowers, rosehips, bay laurel, oak moss and poppy seeds, while the classic botanicals include juniper, bitter orange peel, fresh lemon peel, grains of paradise, coriander, cassia bark and cardamom.


Crystal Clear


pungent and earthy with floral notes similar to geranium and brewers hops. Underneath those top notes is a pleasant aroma of lemon zest.


Savoury and herbaceous flavours are beautifully balanced with piney juniper, subtle sweetness from the honey, floral notes of gorse, spice from cassia bark, and citrus, nutty and grassy notes.


The finish is mildly dry and has a slightly floral character that lingers with a hint of grapefruit. 




Bottle Size 70cl