Greensand-Ridge Wealden Rum

Greensand-Ridge Wealden Rum

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Delicate and smooth with a floral nose, giving way to subtle honeycomb and roast cobnuts on the palate. A long finish with raisin and oak in the finish and a sweet, full mouthfeel. 

Nose: Vanilla at first then floral with a distinct whiff of honey

Palate: Spicy, peppery, very very smooth, lovely round smooth texture

Finish: Notes of vanilla raisin on the (fairly short) finish

Overall: It's a very versatile rum, as happy being sipped neat with ice or used in a cocktail such as a Daiquiri.

Country: English Rum
Distillery / Brand: GreensandRidge 
Bottler: Greensand Ridge
Style: Dark Rum
Alcohol: 40.0%
Volume: 50cl

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