Griffiths Brothers Original Gin
Griffiths Brothers Original Gin - n07

Griffiths Brothers Original Gin

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Award winning original gin is clean and smooth, and the depth of flavour and complexity is exceptional and well-balanced.

Created at the Griffiths Brothers distillery in Buckinghamshire in an unit that is part of a former factory that made Mosquito planes in WW2 - which is cool. This gin was cold-distilled using a rotary evaporator named Roberta and features 13 botanicals, including bay laurel, barberries, orange blossom and elderflower.

Tasting Note

Fragrant orange blossom, zesty lemon peel and floral elderflower lead over the herbaceous and earthy backdrop.

Country:  English Gin
Distillery / Brand:  Griffiths Brothers distillery 
Bottler:   Griffiths Brothers Distillery
Alcohol:     43.5%
Volume:    10cl