Harley House - Pure Sussex Gin

Harley House - Pure Sussex Gin

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Distilled by Harley House Distillery, Seaford in its entirety beginning with the initial base spirit being produced from local water mixed with British sugar followed by flavouring and bottling all taking place in the same location.

Launched in 2017, Pure Sussex Gin is among the finest gins in the UK following being recognised by the IWSC with a silver award in 2019. The smooth contemporary gin is inspired by the classic flavours of the 1920s which comes from the time when Harley House was first built.

This spirit is a true reflection of hard work and dedication to producing the finest and smoothest spirit possible using local resources and even producing every bottle in its entirety from initial base spirit through the bottling and labelling. This is a true reflection of the hard work taken to ensure every bottle is always released perfect. 


Crystal Clear


Floral Notes


A complex Juniper forward, balanced gin 


A light floral finish. 




Seaford, Sussex, UK
Bottle Size 70cl