Jarrold's Sloe Limited Edition Gin

Jarrold's Sloe Limited Edition Gin

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Not to be confused with the regular Sloe Gin produced by Jarrold's. This one has its own thing going on.

Using the original Jarrold's gin as the base, which continues through the sloe uncompromisingly, Jarrold's deliberately don't sweeten it too much - And at 35.7%, this is still pretty strong!

Plump wild sloes hand-picked by us from the hedgerows of West Sussex are the stars in our limited edition sloe gin. We pick them the season before bottling, freeze them to split the skins and then let our wonderfully smooth London dry gin rest over them for around nine months. The high strength of our gin makes our limited edition sloe gin beautifully rich and intense.

Almond notes from the stones, dryness from the fruit and the wonderful colour from the skins are all complemented by a touch of added sweetness after resting. We do this because each year the fruit is a little more or a little less sweet than the previous year and we don't like to guess how it's going to turn out.


Dark Red/Purple 


Rich sloe and cherry with blood oranges give a luscious nose with some sweetness and a slight sour note


A wonderfully thick feel, with blackberry jam and a little nutmeg


A smooth and refreshing finish




Chichester, West Sussex

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