Maidstone Distillery - George Bishop London Dry Gin

Maidstone Distillery - George Bishop London Dry Gin

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Award winning George Bishop Gin is the first release within the Maidstone distillery range which is produced with a combination of Pure Kentish Water and 15 botanicals including 3 types of Juniper!

George Bishop Gin pays homage to a previous mayor of Maidstone and founder of the first distillery there in 1785.

Palate: There’s a lot more citrus (lemon zest) on the palate along with another helping of that warming baking spice, some liquorice, spicy juniper, clove, hints of Earl Grey tea and a little cardamom.

Finish: There’s some lingering floral notes and piney juniper in a dry, peppery finish.

Type:London Dry